Parts KPIs

  • OEM Parts Target

    OEM Parts Target Achievement
    Target: Achieve OEM Parts Target without increasing overall Days Supply
  • Gross Profit %

    (Total Parts Sales – Total Parts COS) / Total Parts Sales
    Service Retail Target: 37%
    Service Warranty Target: 12%
    Service Internal Target: 20%
    Trade Target: 20%
    Counter Retail Target: 30%
  • Parts to Labour Ratio

    Total Service Department Parts Sales / Total Labour Sales
    Target: Greater than 60%
  • Parts Gross per Employee

    Total Parts Gross / Total Parts Employees
    Target: $22000
  • Average Trade Sales per Day

    Total Trade Sales per Month / Trading Days per Month
    Target: Dealership Target
  • Days Supply

    (Total Stock on Hand  / Total Parts Monthly COS) * 30
    Target: 50 days
  • Stock Turn

    Total Yearly Parts COS / Average Parts Stock Value
    Target: 8 per annum
  • Parts Obsolescence

    Total Amount of Parts Stock Aged Greater than 12 months
    Target: Less than 5%
  • Fill Rate

    (Total Parts COS – Emergency Orders) / (Total Parts COS + Lost Sales)
    Target: Greater than 90%
  • Accessories per Vehicle Delivered

    Vehicle Accessory COS / Total Vehicles Sold
    Target: Varies between OEM Franchise Model Mix (Check OEM Target)

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